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World domination is our game!
Current Residence: Our evil hideouts!
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie, Plankton and everybody else who wants to dominate the world
Personal Quote: "Muwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"
  • Listening to: Serial Killer - Cold
  • Reading: Do heat seeking missiles lock onto reindeers?
Seriously. Zombies? Evil. Jesus? Good.

So does this mean ZOMBIE JESUS is a balance of the two?

Such questions plague this humble mind...

But anyway, it soon is said persons aledged birthday, and thus, the music channels are flooded with songs of good will and pleasent greetings (Except Kerrang and Scuzz, both of which merely played a semi-repeating playlist.)

So, in this season of festive joy, warmness and such, where do we, the evil thinkers and doers of this world?

Probably of a fat mans naughty list for one...

But I divert from the true point! A challenge I put upon you, comrades of wrong! Draw, write or poetinize (MINION! ALERT OXFORD DICTIONARY! I've made a new word!) what you do in this season!

So fill those mince pies with land mines! Stuff the turkey with hand grenades and deck the halls with mutilated limbs! Let's do what we do best, and corrupt this season!

Winners may just find themselves subscribed...

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Ranmanga Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2007   Filmographer
Prodject going on on my page
Prodject: WAR
smileys needed!
crazeedaizee411 Featured By Owner May 9, 2007
I am watching!! Can I join now!!! :please:
crazeedaizee411 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
never mind... I figured it out!!!!!!
crazeedaizee411 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
how do you "join"? :please:
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